10 Things I’m Looking Forward to in the Spring:


The Ten on Tuesday prompt for this week is: 10 Things You’re Looking Forward to This Spring.

  1. Smelling the fragrance of newly-mown grass
  2. Seeing ducklings in the local wetlands
  3. Noticing Forsythia in bloom (any day now!)
  4. Daffodils and crocus blooming in the flowerbeds
  5. Seeing varieties of birds who’ve been gone over winter
  6. Increasingly more hours of sunlight each day
  7. Hearing the little frogs chirruping
  8. Planting some broccoli, zucchini, leeks and carrots, once the soil warms up a bit more
  9. Watching my daughter play soccer with the Middle School team
  10. Making plans for our annual trip to Northern California. It would be fun to travel down 101, and stay in a yurt on the beach for one or two nights, like we did last year.

2 Responses to “10 Things I’m Looking Forward to in the Spring:”

  1. Joyce says:

    Dad took this photo last year when the old camera was still working.
    I just love hearing the tap-tap-tap of the woodpeckers. 🙂