20 Of My Favorite Things

1. Color- the many shades of green I see outside my window
2. Dessert- freshly baked apple dumplings
3. Smell- the perfumes Pretty and Green Tea by Elizabeth Arden
4. Flower- sunflower
5. Animal- cats AND dogs, I just can’t decide on a favorite
6. Month- each month, as it comes, is my favorite. I enjoy seasonal variety.
7. Beverage- a freshly brewed cup of coffee
8. Pair of shoes- Well, I have a favorite new shoe store, Sole Obsession, because they carry my large size in feminine styles! Happy Day!
9. Snack- sliced Fuji apple
10. Song- anything sung by Eva Cassidy
11. Book- the Bible

12. Fruit- apple, if it is crisp and tart
13. Hairstyle- easy care, not flat against my head
14. Piece of clothing- anything comfortable, yet not sloppy-looking fits the bill
15. Store to clothes shop-
Target and Walmart
16. Season- autumn
17. Hobby- going out with my children
18. Thing to collect- memories
19. Movie- I’m looking forward to the new Night in the Museum movie
20. Restaurant- a local restaurant called The North Fork

Would you like to participate in this meme, too? It is being hosted by Peggy at The Simple Woman.

4 Responses to “20 Of My Favorite Things”

  1. Sarah says:

    As the song rings through my head…”These are a few of my favorite things…” 🙂

    Autumn is definitely my favorite season as well, but it competes pretty closely with right now as the leaves are all blooming, the grass is greening up – so beautiful!

    Have a great day!

  2. You had me at the apple dumplings. I can’t go one read the other things on your list. My concentration is totally lost in the apple dumplings part! 😛

  3. Octamom says:

    Can’t wait to try out your modified recipe~it sounds wonderful!