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Encouragement from Psalm 52

Tuesday, August 22nd, 2006

Psalm 52:8,9  But I am like a green olive tree in the house of God:  I trust in the mercy of God for ever and ever.

I will praise thee for ever, because thou hast done it:  and I will wait on the name; for it is good before thy saints.

Matthew Henry comments on verses 8 and 9 of Psalm 52:
II. In his own stability, v. 8, 9. “This mighty man is plucked up by the roots; but I am like a green olive-tree, planted and rooted, fixed and flourishing; he is turned out of God’s dwelling-place, but I am established in it, not detained, as Doeg, by any thing but the abundant satisfaction I meet with there.’’

Note, Those that by faith and love dwell in the house of God shall be like green olive-trees there; the wicked are said to flourish like a green bay-tree (Ps. 37:35), which bears no useful fruit, though it has abundance of large leaves; but the righteous flourish like a green olive-tree, which is fat as well as flourishing (Ps. 92:14) and with its fatness honours God and man (Jdg. 9:9), deriving its root and fatness from the good olive, Rom. 11:17. Now what must we do that we may be as green olive-trees? (more…)