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Big Fish Small Pond – a Poem by Willena Flewelling

Thursday, January 4th, 2007

Thursday, January 4th, 2007

This poem is about the strange happenings in the group called the RPNA(GM). That’s Reformed Presbytery of North America (General Meeting). Currently the three (total) elders are conducting an excommunication campaign, casting out of the Visible Church those who hold to the stated terms of communion, but who refuse to swear an oath that these three men constitute a lawful Church Court, and that their writings are legitimate church subordinate standards. Willena is among those who were recently excommunicated.

Big Fish Small Pond

~ Willena Flewelling, Oct. 26, 2006

big fish small pond
big splash
ripples ever widening
reaching ever farther

usurpation and abdication
figurehead… facade
breached and betrayed
pain… confusion
judicial blindness… bitter irony

delinquent shepherd
Achan in the camp
divide and conquer
drought and hunger
isolation and emptiness

deafening silence
patience unrewarded
twisting, redefining
tangled web
empty promises
hope deferred
don’t hold your breath

families rent asunder
friendships destroyed
damaged youth
no balm for festering wounds
no comfort for lonely hearts

still waters run deep
deceptive calm
sorrow upon sorrow stirreth the waters
deadly implications
slashed from the moorings
set adrift

big fish small pond
big splash
ripples ever widening
reaching ever farther

no tempest in a teapot