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One Word Answer Meme

Tuesday, October 30th, 2007

1 Where is your cell phone? Purse

2 Relationship? Married

3 Your hair? Long

4 Work? Paraeducator

5 Your sister? Far away

6 Your favorite things? Home things

7 Your dream last night? Fleeting

8 Your favorite drink? Coffee

9 Your dream car? Efficient

10 The room you’re in? My husband’s office

11 Your shoes? Crocs

12 Your fears? Given to God

13 What do you want to be in 10 years? Über Grandma

14 Who did you hang out with this weekend? Church friends

15 What are you not good at? Rearranging furniture

16 Muffins? Oatmeal apple

17 Wish-list item? Books!

18 Where you grew up? Arizona

19 The last thing you did? Ate vanilla ice cream

20 What are you wearing? Red sweater, black skirt

21 What are you not wearing? Socks

22 Your pet? A fat cat

23 Your computer? Toshiba laptop

24 Your life? Busy

25 Your mood? Contemplative

26 Missing? My youthful figure 😛

27 What are you thinking about? Lots of baking to do tomorrow

28 Your car? Suzuki Grand Vitara

29 Your kitchen? Just right

30 Your summer? Not too hot

31 Your favorite color? Forest green

32 Last time you laughed? Yesterday

33 Last time you cried? Whenever children perform, or maids marry

34 School? Work there

35 Love? Yes!

Thanks to Marmee for this meme. 🙂

7 Random Facts

Tuesday, October 30th, 2007

My online friend Kerri tagged me to tell you seven random facts about myself, so here you go:

  1. I was voted “Most Scholastic” in high school, yet never completed college.
  2. I love hearing other people’s “stories”; I’m interested in them and the path they have trod here upon earth.
  3. Facilitating the development of my children’s talents is one of my enjoyments.
  4. I hate books and movies that are scary or violent. I can’t get the images out of my mind and feel as if I’ve been dragged through the dirt.
  5. I hadn’t seen my husband many times in person before we got married. We were introduced to one another by mutual friends. Since we lived in separate states at the time, we mainly wrote letters to one another, and don’t you know, long distance calls are expensive, so those were limited to one per week. 😛
  6. Sunflowers are my favorite flower.
  7. I am a first-born child.

There you go, Kerri. Have fun with that!

I tag Laura, Sarah, Kayla, Rebecca, Lydia, Willena and Amy. 😀