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A peek at my cluttered corner

Friday, December 28th, 2007


I was on my way upstairs with a stack of bath towels to put away, when the phone rang. I sat down to talk and took the opportunity to put up my feet for a moment. Rick captured the moment with his new camera on an unusual setting that is mainly black and white, with touches of green here and there. I like the photo, but I notice how very CLUTTERED my work corner has become.

We have lived in this house (that Rick built) for 19 years, and have raised our nine children here. Five of the children have grown up and moved to their own places but the home is still pretty cluttered. We really do sort things out every so often, and the time to do some serious sorting has arrived once again. I am going to look around the house with an honest eye and ask myself, “Why is THAT THERE?” “Have I been using THAT, or shall I give it away/throw it away?”

My problem is that I tend to stack things, and I hate to throw things away, thinking we might need them/be interested in them/do some future craft with them, etc. I am getting bugged by myself, so, tomorrow, with my girls’ help, serious sorting is going to happen. 🙂

Haiku Blogging

Friday, December 28th, 2007

My theme for this Haiku Friday is BLOGGING, and the friendships that are a welcome by-product of that activity.

Haiku Friday

The world is smaller

Or, my neighborhood’s larger

Internet friendships

Before busy-ness

A moment to read your blog

How’s your day going?

Virtual visit

We’re perhaps nations apart,

Yet friendly neighbors

It does my heart good

You share your story, your thoughts,

I care, kindred soul

Creative outlet

This is my avocation

Writing for the world

I send forth my thoughts

Summations of golden days

Will they cheer or help?

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