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Early to Bed

Monday, January 7th, 2008

Dear People,

I am so tired this evening, and it is solely my fault. Is there anyone else out there who simply does not like to go to bed? I like to read a little more, talk a little more, do a little more . . . just a LITTLE more . . . before I finally give up, exhausted, and go to bed. Tonight tiredness compels me; I’m longing for sleep. Usually, however, my faithful body puts up with this abuse, and I get by on about six hours of sleep per night.

To play by the rules of Blog 365 I am writing this tired little lament for your amusement before putting together a quick dinner, picking Lydia up after her basketball game, doing a little more laundry, neatening up the kitchen one more time, and THEN going to bed on time.

Also, this is quite random, but this is how Bonny Boy looks in black and white, using the flash, and then red eye removal to try to make his eyes look like cat eyes rather than alien eyes (due to the flash):