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Baking Day

Monday, January 21st, 2008


Here you see Sarah and me in the kitchen, where I spent a good deal of my time this past Saturday. Rebecca made a delicious pancake breakfast for her birthday sleepover girlfriends, but I did all the cleanup so that they would have more time to visit and play games.


Kayla is doing some art projects with the theme “Windows”, so she was going all around the house taking pictures out our windows on Saturday. This view out my kitchen window shows you the light snowfall we enjoyed Saturday. In about a week we’re supposed to receive about two weeks straight of snow. Let’s just hope! That will make this a winter the children will always remember. We don’t mind making up snow days in the summer, so LET IT SNOW!


My first baking project on Saturday was this large batch of Simple Granola. The family loves it as much now as they did 25 years ago.


My personal favorite is this Honey Whole Wheat Bread that is our daily necessity. Rick and I developed the recipe for this bread ourselves.