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Saturday To-Do List

Saturday, February 16th, 2008

It’s an unusually quite morning here.

  • Rebecca is gone for the weekend on a ski retreat with one of her girlfriends.
  • Lydia is spending the day with a group of girlfriends, celebrating one of the girl’s birthdays.
  • Rick left a while ago with Seth, who is playing one of the last 6th grade basketball games of the season.
  • Our grown boys are here visiting for the weekend, but stayed up playing the XBOX until the wee hours, so now are catching a few winks.

As usual, I’ve enjoyed a quiet time of reading my Bible online, cup of coffee in hand, and then checking out some of the blogs that I enjoy following. I want to get a lot done today, so I’m really trying not to just keep on reading and reading and READING. That does happen sometimes.

This evening, the parents of one of Rebecca’s school friends have invited Rick and me over for a Valentine-themed appetizer party. I’m still debating whether to bring Rosemary Breadstick Twists or a layered dip, Italian-style. I’ll leave the big boys to go buy pizza tonight, so I won’t have to also prepare a dinner for the few who will be home.

Today I need to bake bread for the week, and while the dough is rising I usually pop some Simple Granola in the oven to bake, too.

It’s a drizzly sort of day here today, but – NO EXCUSES – I’m also going to take the doggie for a good, long walk. I really DO love going for a walk, but sometimes it doesn’t happen. It’s so much easier to stay sitting in front of the computer than to get up and get going sometimes.

So . . . on that note, I think I’d better get going. I hope you have a great Saturday, too. Is this usually an über-busy day for you, too?