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Do you want to save some trees?

Wednesday, February 27th, 2008

This is the logo for Catalog Choice. These wonderful folks will do the hard work of contacting the various businesses who send you paper catalogs, and tell them that you no longer want all that paper to go to waste.

Think about it. Do you do more shopping after perusing a paper catalog, OR after searching the online company site? If you’re like me, you search online, and then you shop for a book, music, a comforter, or whatever. If that’s the case, think of all the resources you can save by opting out of receiving catalogs. 🙂

I found out about this program from my online friend, Jennic’s blog post on Needless Paper Waste. (One of her commenters actually suggested this site.)

How many paper catalogs will you opt out of receiving? So far, I’ve started the process to stop receiving 18 catalogs.