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Haiku Sung to You

Thursday, March 27th, 2008


Heavenly singing.

Just high schoolers; can it be?

From Bellevue Christian.

Passing through our town,

Going to perform up North,

Sang at Meadow Greens.

Foretaste of heaven,

About fifty voices strong;

They sang for an hour.

Sang a cappella,

“In chapel style” as they say:

Without instruments.

Soprano, alto,

Tenor, baritone and bass,

All sang heartily.

From cathedral lays,

To spirituals sung by slaves,

And old classic hymns.

Our hearts burned within;

Affection to God was stirred,

A longing for Home.

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(Just to let you know: Meadow Greens is where my elderly mom lives, not me (yet!). I was over visiting her today, and happened to catch the best singing I think I have EVER heard. Thankfully the choir will be back in town this Saturday at 7:30pm at Bethel Christian Reformed Church. That way more members of our family will have the opportunity to hear these talented young people sing. The performance location and time are for you local readers who might be able to come!)

Thirteen Photos from Pt. Reyes Lighthouse

Thursday, March 27th, 2008



At least every other year, we vacation near Pt. Reyes National Seashore, since my husband’s folks live in this, the most beautiful, place in California.

One activity we enjoy repeating is driving out to the Pt. Reyes Lighthouse, then walking the 300 stairs down to the lighthouse, which is positioned on a rocky point high above the Pacific Ocean. This walk is equivalent to walking up and down the stairs in a 30-story building!

This lighthouse, which first went into operation on December 1, 1870, has a fascinating history, which you can read about here and here.

Without further ado, I present you with these photos of an outing we took to the lighthouse about seven years ago.


After parking our vehicle, we began our walk to the lighthouse. Note the angle the trees are growing and the fog? This area is known as one of the windiest and foggiest on the Pacific coast. (Read about it on one of the links provided above.)



Little Seth walking down the stairs to get to the lighthouse. You can see the fog is clearing up. It was intensely windy and foggy when we parked our vehicle at the top. We didn’t know at that point if we would be able to see the ocean or not.



The water for the lighthouse keeper was collected here, from the rain and fog.


Point Reyes Lighthouse, at Point Reyes National Seashore, just north of the Golden Gate Bridge area


This is a view of the lighthouse museum, and I believe that is whale baleen on the display platform. In January and February, the lighthouse is an excellent vantage point for viewing the gray whale migration.





The old 7-foot high lens is no longer in use, though it is still operational. Instead this is the non-romantic, modern lighthouse lights and fog horn.


Looking down at the Pacific Ocean from the lighthouse.


Walking back up after the trip to the lighthouse. This is a lot of exercise!

(This is Edition XV of Thursday Thirteen for me.)