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Sneaky Three Word Wednesday

Wednesday, July 9th, 2008

(I saw this cute LOL cat over at Shannon’s Moments of Introspection.)

Here it is, Three Word Wednesday, and I’ve not yet written a post using the three word prompts. In fact, it’s getting on towards Thursday.

My first excuse for not yet writing is that it’s been a very busy Wednesday in my real world. I went out to breakfast with some friends, and did some shopping, then tackled the usual domestic duties. Oh, I also enjoyed a walk this lovely summer day.

My second excuse is, like the pictured feline, I’m feeling dumb. In order to write something, anything at all, I elected to take the shortcut of, perhaps inappropriately, telling you why I couldn’t come up with much today.

So, there you have my excuses, with the prompts, inappropriate, order, and shortcut neatly tucked in. Please spare me your castigations; I’ll try to do better next week, though I’ll probably be even busier. 🙂