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Why Do You Blog?

Monday, July 14th, 2008

“Why do you blog?” This is the question being asked by Rebecca at Ramblings By Reba. She asks that you post the answer to this question on your own blog, and then link your post over at her blog to enter her contest. She is giving away a matted 5 x 7 print of one of her lovely photos and a $10 gift certificate. That sounds very generous to me, so here is my answer:

  • I blog to stay in touch with friends and family, both near and far. We share funny happenings, things we’re thinking about, photos, recipes . . . all those good things and more.
  • I blog as a creative outlet, participating in such things as Give Me Five Monday, Ten on Tuesday, 3 Word Wednesday, Thursday Thirteen, One Single Impression and Haiku Friday.I enjoy blogging so much that I joined the group Blog365, where we (obviously) try to blog every day of the year. 😛
  • I blog to make new friends. This happens most often through the above writing prompts, as those who participate visit one another’s blogs and comment on one another’s posts.
  • I blog to be a positive, uplifting influence to some little extent.
  • I blog to record things I might otherwise forget, which is a virtual form of scrapbooking, I suppose.

That’s about it, folks! Oh, I found out about this giveaway through my daughter’s blog. She did a much more interesting post on why she blogs, in case you’re interested!