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A “Sort Of” Sonnet for This Season

Thursday, September 11th, 2008

Early morning fog cloaks the pastures

Until the sun burns through to azure skies.

Playful breezes tremble vine maple leaves

Orange-hued, edged with brown, amidst the green.


Scents of decaying leaves and caterpillars

Mingle with the fragrance of blackberries;

First frosts sweeten the apples on the trees.

A late harvest: hazelnuts, pumpkins and corn.


Quiet swallows flee, displaced by raucous jays

Shouting their cheery welcome to brisk autumn.

The moon is of changed countenance also,

Benevolent in its big-faced gaze.


These cooler days lead to woodstove evenings,

Punctuated by apple crisp and games.


Thursday 13 Wedding Preparations

Thursday, September 11th, 2008

Thirteen things
I would like to get done before the upcoming wedding in our family (next weekend!), and dinner at our home prior to the wedding:

  • Dust the kitchen thoroughly
  • Scrub the tile floors
  • Neaten the carport (My husband and youngest son will do this.)
  • Buy a couple of tubs of chrysanthemums to decorate the front porch entryway
  • Preorder three decorated sheet cakes from Costco (for the reception)
  • Make sure the obvious garden beds are weeded, since hopefully the weather will permit guests to enjoy the out-of-doors
  • I’ve been told I need to insert some zippers in some dresses, which I will hopefully see this Saturday! These dresses are for the youngest wedding attendants.
  • Remind my husband to make a dump run to further clean up the yard.
  • Make sure my elderly mom has some attractive, comfortable clothing to wear to the wedding. I’ve ordered several things from an online store, Buck and Buck, which specializes in adaptive clothing. I surely hope this works out!
  • With my girls’ help, make sure that our basement suite is completely ready for our married daughter and her family, who will be arriving at wedding time, and an upstairs bedroom for my sister, who is the honor attendant, and who also will be staying with us.
  • Request two personal days off from work, the day of the rehearsal dinner, which we are hosting here, and the Monday after the wedding, so I can drive my sister to the airport.
  • Keep going for daily walks with the dog (Relax!)
  • Get well from the sore throat and chills which I have contracted. This means that I will have to get a decent amount of sleep, something I am loath to do!