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Thirteen things I enjoy about being a mom

Thursday, November 6th, 2008

Thirteen things I enjoy about being a mom:

  1. During the time when I was expecting the baby (I had nine babies, in case you want to know), I did all the usual things to benefit my unborn child such as eating healthfully, getting enough exercise, and thinking calm thoughts. I prayed for my baby. And – I wondered: Who are you? What kind of person will you be? So, one of my favorite things was meeting my baby as soon as the baby was born.

  1. Back in ‘the baby days’, I enjoyed nursing my babies. Not only was it nutritionally good for them, I think it was emotionally a good bonding thing to be held close and snuggly.
  2. I enjoyed helping my children learn how to behave in various settings, and how to obey cheerfully without an ongoing conflict of wills.
  3. I enjoyed setting up a rich learning environment for the children. We had lots of art supplies, books, dress-up clothes, board games, etc.

  1. I enjoyed noticing the particular talents of each child, and providing opportunities for the development of those talents.
  2. I enjoy seeing the children take responsibility for their own learning, and developing their particular talents.
  3. I enjoyed reading to my children, even for a couple hours at a time if they were really into the book we were reading. (This is something I really miss; now everyone reads his or her own book.)

  1. I enjoy preparing nutritious food for the children.
  2. I also enjoy seeing the children successfully fend for themselves in the kitchen now that they are older. I especially like seeing them make treats for one another, such as smoothies and pancakes.

  1. I enjoy playing games with my children, though this doesn’t happen too often during the busy soccer, track, or basketball seasons.
  2. I enjoy conversing with my children.
  3. I enjoy learning from my children. I called my oldest son for political advice recently, for example. He often fixes bloggy problems for me as well.
  4. I enjoy going out for coffee, shopping, to the library, or whatever, with my children. They are great folks, and I love being with them.