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Monday, December 29th, 2008

Hosted by Peggy

For Today…December 29, 2008

Outside my Window…It’s dark, since I’m composing this post after dinner, and not as cold as it has been (The temperature is hovering around 32 degrees.). Old, water-logged snow carpets the yard and the driveway, but thankfully the roads are clear again! We had lots of rain today, rather than snow. More snow is in the forecast, but thankfully not such cold temps as we were having.

I am thinking…how brave my husband was to climb up on the cold, wet roof to remount the Clearw’re receiver on its pole and aim it in the right direction. The internet sabbatical was probably beneficial, but I felt very out-of-touch without it.

From the learning rooms…I’m continuing to read Love & Logic Solutions for Kids with Special Needs by David Funk. I recently read that it’s better to be like a broken vending machine (consistently unsatisfying) with children than like a slot machine (usually just takes your money, but may yield a jackpot) (pages 16-19). If I calmly give a whining child the same appropriate, short response, he is more likely to grow tired of whining, than if I try a variety of responses, and worst of all, if I finally give in to the whining. That teaches the child to persevere in whining, because it may eventually yield a jackpot!

I am thankful for…this Winter Break, with more time at home to spend with my dear family.

From the kitchen…Can you believe that I still want to bake some fruitcakes? Also, I need to bake some Honey Whole Wheat Bread tomorrow. Yesterday I served the family some oven baked rice pudding for a filling evening snack after church. It’s so warming and satisfying.

I am wearing…cozy leggings under my denim skirt, blouse and oversweater. If the outfit is comfortable, and preferably well-worn, I’m cool with it. This part of my weekly post is boring, I know, but ya hafta take the bad with the good.

I am reading…about Vitamin D deficiency. Did you know that this is a common deficiency in northern latitudes, especially in the winter time when the sun is so low in the sky? This deficiency can lead to loss of calcium from the bones, and depression, to name a couple things.

I am hoping…that this post will actually work. The internet is still chugging along a bit slower than usual. Of course I’m also hoping to get lots done tomorrow, since I get to stay home all day.

I am creating…many good dinners this Winter Break, but am not getting the hoped-for deep cleaning of the house done.

I am hearing…my husband and our oldest son converse about the web site that our son is customizing. Our son has loved computers ever since they entered his life when he was about 12. He enjoyed reading those thick manuals that come with new computers. From that early age, he became one of our resident computer experts. Now we have to await his visits for any major computer tweaking around here.

Around the house…I hear the other children watching a movie upstairs. Daughter Laura is putting her babies to bed for the night. The good old doggie is lying on the floor by my feet.

One of my favorite things…is family thoughtfulness. I enjoy serving my family, making things comfortable for them. I’m grateful when thoughtfulness comes my way, too, as it so often does. Rick just brought me a little glass of Cabernet Sauvignon, and served me a couple crackers with smoked salmon. Yum!

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week…Daughter Lydia is scheduled for an MRI of her head on Wednesday morning. I think I said this last week, too, but lots of snow got in the way of that appointment! Baking. Cleaning. Playing more board games with the children while we have extra time at home.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you…


This photo was taken at the deserted gravel pit where Rick and the children went tobogganing during our uber snowy days.

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Back Again (I hope!)

Monday, December 29th, 2008

Our internet service was interrupted when our Clearw’re receiver blew down, and then got covered with snow and ice. The receiver is still lying on the roof, pointing south instead of west, but somehow I’m online this morning. I’ll try to post a few pictures now and see what happens.
During this unusually snowy weather, Rick decided to build a toboggan. Here it is, being hauled over to the deserted gravel pit for sledding fun.