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Busy Day, Tired Evening

Wednesday, February 18th, 2009

Today was an extremely busy day. Since I am feeling guilty that I haven’t posted anything in some time, I’ll give you a brief overview of my afternoon and evening, even though it’s late and I should be in bed:

  1. I visited Laura for the first time as she and the children were ‘camping out’ at their new house today. There is nowhere to sit down yet, and the children sleep on sleeping bags for nap time. Little Diederick was having a great time, however, wandering around the beautiful, empty house. When Laura showed me the little deck off the kitchen, Deeder went outside, too. Immediately he spotted a little boy about his own age, just across the backyards. “Hey!” he shouted, or something to that effect. He’s on the look-out for a playmate.
  2. After visiting Laura, I headed over to my mom’s assisted living residence with supplies she needed. Each time I visit (which is often), I discover more evidence of her increasing frailty and faulty thinking. Thankfully, she is currently participating in both physical and occupational therapy. I coached her on a better strategy for backing up to her recliner in order to sit down. Next time I’ll see if she’s having an easier time maneuvering herself to her seat.
  3. By this time it was late, time to eat dinner. I headed back to Laura’s house to pick her up for dinner at our place, dinner which I had not yet prepared. We packed the children into the car and headed back here. On the short drive, the exhausted little Diederick fell asleep, so Laura bundled him off to bed upon our arrival home. I proceeded to make spaghetti for dinner, which we enjoyed at about 8pm. Sigh!
  4. After Laura bathed little Carly, we had our usual time of singing a psalm, memorizing the Westminster Shorter Catechism (reviewing it, really), reading a chapter from the Bible, and prayer. Then Laura tucked the little girl into bed.
  5. Laura worked on her blog post while I did dishes.
  6. Then I checked my email, played some Lexulous on Facebook, and decided to do this post.

I hope this has been of some interest to you. As a reward for reading this far, I give you a picture of Diederick and Carly, snapped by their mommy: