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Lazy Daisy Morning

Saturday, April 25th, 2009

Good Morning! I hope you are enjoying this spring morning as much as we are here at our home.

Let’s see; what to say?

Last night I dutifully wrote up a To Do list:

  1. girls clean bathrooms
  2. vacuum house
  3. do Sunday school lesson on Psalm 95
  4. bake bread
  5. cook for friends who just had a baby!
  6. wash vehicles (Seth)

So far, though, it’s been such a lovely, leisurely morning, and I’ve not yet started in on that list.

Rick brought me coffee in bed (Thanks, Sweetie!) after I slept in, which I rarely do. The children slept in, too, so we enjoyed some quiet conversation this morning.

As I was checking my email and Facebook, daughter Laura came online and we chatted about baby names. Fun times! One name I like, Danny Sue, was nixed by son-in-law Darren because it reminded him of the name of a cow he once had!

Daughter Sarah called on the phone, and we talked about healthy weight gain during pregnancy and taking good care of oneself for the baby’s sake. I think it’s very important to be cheerful and thankful. I’ve read that our attitudes affect our health, so it makes sense that they would affect the developing baby’s health, too.

Then…our oldest son called, too! He and his brother, who are rooming together and working at the same company, are coming home for a visit tonight. I guess that’s my call to action. I need to think about preparing a good dinner tonight, and getting all the work done in time to visit with them.

Here are some pictures from Gramma’s Brag Book for your enjoyment:


Here you see Carly and Diederick sitting on the little porch outside the kitchen at their house.



Carly does love her cookies.