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Pt.Reyes pics

Friday, August 21st, 2009

Hello, dear friends and family! Rick, Debra and I arrived in Inverness, CA late Wednesday night. Our flight took us to San Francisco International Airport. From there, we took the bus to Larkspur, where Gramma Taron picked us up. After one hour of driving on winding roads, late at night, we arrived safely here. Thanks so much to Rick’s mom for doing that for us!

We spent a low-key day Thursday, conversing, going for walks and reading. The fog, which I find to be cozy, remained all day.

Today is another story altogether: The sun is shining in a brilliant blue sky, and a lively breeze is blowing. I snapped a few photos on my cell phone when I rode along with Gramma Taron to run some errands in Pt. Reyes:

I love PtReyes

This sticker expresses my sentiments!

old ptreyes garage

I snapped this photo of the signs decorating the wall of an old garage in Pt. Reyes. Notice the Highway 1 sign? Have any of you ever driven along this old, winding route? It hugs the Pacific coastline.

ptreyes post office

The post office in Pt.Reyes reflects a common architectural style you see here. It’s lovely, I think.

Inverness Post Office

A little closer to “home” is the Inverness post office.

dad fixed the chair lift

How many older folks do you know who install their own chair lift? That’s what Dad and Mom Taron did. Rick fine-tuned it today, and replaced the light switch behind it.

model ship for Laura

Dad Taron built this model ship for our daughter Laura. It is currently sitting on the fireplace mantel, awaiting such time as Darren and Laura are able to come here to fetch it home.

That’s all for now, folks!