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Friday, September 4th, 2009

Hello, Friends! I was doing so well with blog posting while we were on vacation, but now that we’re home, I am happily busy with back-to-school business, plus helping my elderly mom.

The good news concerning my mom is that the nurse at the assisted living facility where my mom is currently living has helped me to locate a truly lovely adult family home. This is situated near where she currently lives. My mom will still have her own large, light bedroom with her own possessions. She will have three other ladies with whom to socialize who are also still in their right minds. (I visited another place which was equally lovely, but all the residents were ‘not there’, mentally. I think that would be so lonely for a right-minded older person to live there.) There will be daily opportunities to soak up the sunshine outside, and enjoy home-cooked meals. A truly wonderful benefit for me is that they will assist with transportation to appointments, which has been so hard on my back.

It’s time for me to put the finishing touches on our dinner, so I will leave you with a picture which is totally unrelated to what I just said! This is one of the chipmunks which is Grampa Taron’s wild ‘pet’. It comes to be fed on his back deck, and remains to feed with everyone out there talking and visiting.