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Ten on Tuesday

Tuesday, September 22nd, 2009


The topic this week for Ten on Tuesday is:

Ten things I need to plan for:

  • Living in a smaller home. As my husband and I get older, and our children leave to establish their own homes, I hope we have the opportunity to move to a smaller home.
  • Getting rid of items we no longer need or use. This is a great first step in down-sizing. It just plain results in a less cluttered home right now, too!
  • Implementing some of the more time-consuming (but more healthful) recipes from Nourishing Traditions into my cooking repertoire. It is downright difficult for me to change my ways after all these years. This will take conscious effort.
  • Getting physical activity during our wet weather, which is just around the corner. I think I’ll ask my husband to repair the ping pong table. That should do it.
  • Deep cleaning the house, room by room. As I have less energy, and my helpers are getting busier, I need to focus on little bits of cleaning at a time.
  • I want to start sewing again. I’m not sure I want to plan for this until I de-clutter and clean!

Well, I didn’t come up with ten things. How about you? What do you want/need to plan for?