A “Sort Of” Sonnet for This Season

Early morning fog cloaks the pastures

Until the sun burns through to azure skies.

Playful breezes tremble vine maple leaves

Orange-hued, edged with brown, amidst the green.


Scents of decaying leaves and caterpillars

Mingle with the fragrance of blackberries;

First frosts sweeten the apples on the trees.

A late harvest: hazelnuts, pumpkins and corn.


Quiet swallows flee, displaced by raucous jays

Shouting their cheery welcome to brisk autumn.

The moon is of changed countenance also,

Benevolent in its big-faced gaze.


These cooler days lead to woodstove evenings,

Punctuated by apple crisp and games.


4 Responses to “A “Sort Of” Sonnet for This Season”

  1. Joyce says:

    Thank you all so much for your comments. I love autumn, and I love being busy right now, but I do miss posting daily on my blog. I do hope to do a post very soon. Thanks for reading. 🙂