A Bible study help

I enjoy reading through the Bible systematically. For many years I would just start at Genesis and proceed through the Old Testament and on to the New.

Usually I like to read portions from the Psalms each day, too, since they speak so much to my heart. No matter which psalm I read, it just so happens to address some yearning or crying or striving of the soul appropriate to my present needs.

Currently, I am using a program which I think is the best yet. This Bible reading program is available online at Blue Letter Bible. Once you are at their site, click on Daily Bible Reading Program. They offer the following methods of reading through your Bible in one year:

Canonical: Seven Days a Week
Old Testament and New Testament Together

Currently, I’m using the chronological plan, in which one reads through the books of the Bible from oldest to newest, which means you do some skipping around, but it’s interesting. As you are reading, resources are available to do further study on portions of the Scripture which are puzzling or interesting.

Another plus is that, with this plan, you choose which Bible translation to read. I have read the King James Version for years, so that is what I am using.

Last, but not least, there are various devotional works to read as well. My favorite so far is Day By Day Grace by Bob Hoekstra. I usually read this after reading the Bible portion for the day. Currently he is doing a great series concerning God’s grace to His people in salvation AND in sanctification. I have a button on my sidebar that you can click which will take you directly to the current day’s selection of Day By Day Grace.

That’s all for now. I hope you all have a blessed Lord’s Day!

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