A Bushel of Blessings

Today I have been especially sensible of the blessings I receive from God’s hand. Maybe the fact that it’s Sunday, when we step back from the busy doings of the other days of the week to focus on worshiping the Lord, has something to do with that.

The drive to church this morning was beautiful, the epitome of spring time freshness, after the heavy rain last night. Fluffy cumulo-nimbus clouds, flowering cherry trees, tulips, leafy raspberry vines – What could be lovelier?

This Sunday was special for us, too, because our youngest son, 13-year old Seth, made his public profession of Christian faith, after successfully completing the membership class and being interviewed by the church elders. The fact that this was HIS desire, not some cultural dictate, means so much to me. May he grown in his love and devotion to the Lord!

Another blessing I called to mind was that all nine of our children are seeking to live to God’s glory. What a comfort and encouragement this is to their momma! Though Rick and I have worked hard (and enjoyed our kids a lot, too) we know that it is God who regenerates our children. This, too, is His gift.

It was a blessing to freely meet together to worship the Lord, and hear God’s Word preached twice today. The times of visiting with friends afterwards were also refreshing.

When we got home from church this afternoon, daughter Debra got ready to sort her medications. She could not find her most expensive and necessary medication, which I remembered picking up from the pharmacy. A phone call to the pharmacy confirmed this as fact. I began looking everywhere for those meds: in the car, in the van, throughout the house, even through the garbage. I thought maybe I had thrown away the little bag that the meds come in without taking out the bottle. I remembered that I had run errands for my mom on the day I picked up the meds, so I drove half an hour over to her place thinking perhaps I had left the bag there. Nope. You can imagine that I asked the Lord to help me remember, all the while thinking that I was truly going dingy.

I returned home after my search, still unable to think where those pills might be. I pulled out the box where we keep her meds, and there they were! Deb had somehow missed seeing them, panicked, and I had not thought to check the most obvious place. Whew! I am so thankful to the Lord. Even if we could have come up with the money to replace the medicine, I don’t think the pharmacy is allowed to refill a prescription that has just been filled.

I mustn’t forget to mention that today included time spent with married children and grandchildren, another blessing to this gramma. Diederick and Carly are just so funny (and fun).

One of our grown sons called this evening to tell us he is treating us to a Katie Melua concert this coming Saturday! I guess he knows I always have excuses for why I’m too busy to do things, so he just buys the tickets and tells me when the event will be, getting me out of my comfortable routine.

That son also told us he has been selected as the graduate of distinction from the Computer Science Department of Western Washington University for this year. Congratulations, Dearie! I thank the Lord for giving him a sound mind, and the willingness to work hard.

I conclude with a picture of a dandelion. I love these flowers, not only because they are bright and cheery, but also because they mean summer is on the way. I hope you have much for which to be thankful to the Lord, as well.


6 Responses to “A Bushel of Blessings”

  1. kathy hart says:

    Sounds like it could not have been a better Lord’s Day. To have all your children following the Lord…. Praise God!

  2. Sarah says:

    What a beautiful post – you have highlighted such wonderful blessings in your life. Children really are a gift, aren’t they? Praise the Lord that they are following in his footsteps!

  3. Vivian says:

    Thank you for sharing. God blesses the faithful! Congrats to your sons…they both have made wise choices in life.
    If I don’t put things in the same place “all” the time…I would never find anything..ha ha