A Mystery Sonnet

Our daughter, Debra, just completed the following sonnet as an assignment in her high school English class. I’ll omit the title of the poem, so you can try to guess: To whom (or to what) is this sonnet addressed?

Black as raven’s feathers, blown on fall’s gale,

You come to me like starlight on water.

What ought I offer such beauty? A tale?

Tales of my love for you – the first falter.

When I first met you I bethought you kind.

Yet still, to the senses as Hell’s first touch;

To the taste, as harsh as an iron bind;

Truth you are blest as mother I love much.

Years there have been, still you hold me captive,

Captive of beauty, eternity bound!

I’m reduced to drinking – seductive;

I inhale that white steam that left me cowed.

And now you have heard my tale: come to stay,

You who stole me body and soul, I pray.


6 Responses to “A Mystery Sonnet”

  1. Marmee says:

    Black coffee??

  2. laura says:

    Good guess, Marmee! that’s about all I’ve got too, Mom–black coffee.

  3. Joyce says:

    You are both such good guessers. 🙂

  4. Jennic says:

    I had no idea (is it because I don’t drink coffee? Nah. I’m just not good with guessing!) It’s very nicely written.

  5. laura says:

    Darren says that that it’s beautiful but the weirdest thing he’s ever read. 😛

    Impressive, Dubie! We both commented on how great her complection looks too. Is she feeling healthier these days?

  6. Joyce says:

    Poor Debra is sick today with stomach flu. Hopefully no one else gets it.