A New Favorite

Dear Readers, I DO intend to do a Thursday 13 post today, but just now in the busy moments before driving the children to school, I was reading through some of the new posts on blogs that I follow using Google Reader. I came across Nancy J. Bond’s post on her blog, Soliloquy. If you love nature photography and uplifting words (much of which is Nancy’s original work), do check out this creative and calming place on the Internet. 🙂

One Response to “A New Favorite”

  1. Nancy Bond says:

    Hello Joyce — I installed some stat programs on my blog this evening and while doing a search — more for fun than anything — of blogs that link to mine, I was pleasantly surprised to find this post! I’m so sorry I didn’t see this before as I would have thanked you for it at the time. I’m so pleased that you enjoy my posts. Thank you again for the endorsement!