A Trip to the Vet

Today is a BEAUTIFUL morning in our corner of the Pacific Northwest. A gentle breeze is ruffling the new leaves that are out on some of the bushes, and the sky is blue and only slightly hazy with clouds. Ahhh! It truly feels as if Spring has arrived, and will stay with us.

My day began this lovely morning with a trip to the veterinarian. We’ve been noticing for maybe a couple weeks that our dog Lassie seems DEAF. Usually she is terrified of noisy equipment sounds, but didn’t seem to even notice when Rick was using the chainsaw last weekend to do some tree trimming. Also, she has been shaking her head every so often, actually, quite often. So, off to the vet we went, first thing this morning.

Our vet informed me that one of the first things to go as dogs age is their sense of hearing. Thus, it is POSSIBLE that the dear old doggie is indeed becoming deaf. However, this may not be the case. The vet found that Lassie’s ears were waxy, so she cleaned them with something that softens the wax, followed by warm water irrigation. Next, the vet noted that Lass has a yeast infection in her ears, so the old doggie received a dose of Mometamax in each ear also. I will continue to administer that once a day here at home.

Lassie loves our vet, but was relieved to leave when all was said and done. Enough messing with the ears already! I’m hopeful that her sense of hearing will be restored, at least in some measure.

Here’s a shot of Lassie being camera-shy:


6 Responses to “A Trip to the Vet”

  1. Joyce says:

    Dad’s pretty nice, too, to not complain about the vet bills. 😛 Really, when you compare doctor bills to vet bills, you realize how reasonable the vet charges are.

    Lassie is so much more comfortable now. She isn’t shaking her head now. 🙂