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I originally started blogging because my computer-savvy children encouraged me to do so. They knew that Mom was bursting at the seams with opinions on a variety of subjects, and thought this would be a suitable outlet! I appreciate their encouragement, because I have found blogging to be an enjoyable and helpful experience.

One purpose of my blog is to interact with family and friends. We enjoy reading and commenting on one another’s blogs.

I also use this blog to work through problems and to develop thoughts on a variety of subjects. In all things I am aiming for the edification of my audience.

Please feel free to comment. I appreciate your comments, and will seek to reply, as appropriate.

Thank you for stopping by!

5 Responses to “About this site”

  1. Jeff Levinson says:

    I was searching through images looking for a snow covered house, when I found your site! (Guess which photo?) I lead a project here in Tri-Cities, Washington, called Project Peru, and we help take care of 37 girls in a home for girls rescued from abuse, molestation and abandonment in Arequipa, Peru. The photo I’m looking for was to go in a letter to one of the girls, in the middle of text describing a childhood in Fairbanks, Alaska.
    Neat site! Praise Him for this bright spot in the middle of an anything goes internet!

  2. Joyce says:

    Thank you, Jeff, for your kind comment.
    I’m glad the photo of our snow-covered house came in handy for your use.
    I’m thankful, too, for the kind work of mercy you and others are doing for the girls.

  3. Amy H says:

    Joyce, I couldn’t find your email and only found one number in the phone book that may be your husband’s work number. I just need to let you know that we are bummed but won’t be able to make lunch tomorrow due to sick kids. Hopefully we make it to worship, but we think it’s all they will be able to handle. Thanks for the invitation, we’ll definitely take a rain check. See you tomorrow! -Amy

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