Against Heresies

One blog which I find inspirational and edifying is Against Heresies by Martin Downes. Recently he has been posting a series of interviews with pastors. His most recent interview is with Conrad Mbewe. The following question and answer I found to be especially helpful:

There are so many errors facing evangelicals today it would be easy to become preoccupied with them (and we would all love to think that wasn’t the case). So how can we take error seriously, be rightly informed about it, but not be so taken up with it that our lives become distorted?

Again, I go back to consecutive expository preaching. Let us simply teach the Word of God regularly, in its own context, and we shall find that we will not be preoccupied with error. We will be overwhelmed with the grandeur and beauty of the truth, as set forth in the Scriptures, that we will be lost in wonder, love and praise to God for this truth instead of starting at anything that moves for fear that it may be erroneous. We will also have a passion for the truth without necessarily being trigger-happy and sniffing out error under every bush and shrub. So, I repeat my appeal for consecutive expository preaching. That is the answer, the biblical answer to avoid our lives as Christians becoming distorted.

2 Responses to “Against Heresies”

  1. Hi Joyce,

    Excellent post regarding the preaching of truth. As I’ve often said before, the best way to sniff out counterfeit money is to intimately know what real money feels and looks like. The same is true with the truth of Scripture.

    Thanks for the post!

  2. Joyce says:

    Thank you, Pastor Efflandt, for your comment.

    See you and the family at the church property outing tomorrow!