An insubstantial statement

It’s still not very late, but this cute clip art expresses my feelings exactly. I am SO tired this evening. I think we’ve all been battling “something”, off-and-on, for a while, plus I think my back misbehaving on Saturday (and continuing to be a bit “iffy”) is taking some extra energy.

Sweetie Kayla called this evening to tell us that the vehicle she was driving was hit from behind today as she was stopping for a pedestrian in a crosswalk. Her car wasn’t badly damaged, she said, but her poor neck is hurting now. That experience left her with the desire to just go home and go to bed, too.

I really do need to get our tax information to the accountant PRONTO, so that our college kiddos can file their FAFSAs on time this year. I was kind of hoping to start that this evening, but, seeing that I am SO tired . . . I think I’ll wait until Friday. I’m taking that day off from work since Kayla is having her wisdom teeth extracted then, and I would like to mother her a bit.

Hmmm . . . Maybe I have enough energy left to decide what I’ll do for Thursday 13 tomorrow.

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