Another quick post

I just got home from a great visit with my old friend, Merry. As I had thought, we talked, and talked, and talked, staying up until about midnight. I don’t see well enough at night to want to tackle a long drive, in the rain, so I stayed the night and left late this morning to return home. It was raining SO hard, it was almost like a white out, the visibility was so poor. The traffic was stop and go throughout Seattle, and I stopped twice to get some shopping down, once at Seattle Premium Outlets, and once at Costco, to replenish the larder.

So, the road to visit my friend may not have been long, but it took me all day to get home. 😛

Now I need to get nicely dressed up to socialize, so hopefully I’ll get to post something more substantial later.

Have a blessed Lord’s Day tomorrow, if I don’t get to say anything else until then. 🙂

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