Are You Normal?

Your Normalcy Quotient is: 35 out of 100.

Your quiz results make you a Marvelous Maverick

Giddy-up partner. You’re a maverick and don’t know what the definition of normal is. That’s a-okay because you’re now part of a fascinating group of desperadoes. Wherever you ride, it’s sure to be off the beaten path because it’s way more fun to find the path least traveled.

3 Responses to “Are You Normal?”

  1. Katrina Schumacher says:

    Hi Joyce;

    What is your email address?



  2. Katrina Schumacher says:

    John calls my Katrina instead of Cathie like Grant did
    Katrina is german meaniing the same.

  3. Joyce says:

    Do you want me to call you Cathie or Katrina?

    My email address is

    Talk to you later!