Back Again (I hope!)

Our internet service was interrupted when our Clearw’re receiver blew down, and then got covered with snow and ice. The receiver is still lying on the roof, pointing south instead of west, but somehow I’m online this morning. I’ll try to post a few pictures now and see what happens.
During this unusually snowy weather, Rick decided to build a toboggan. Here it is, being hauled over to the deserted gravel pit for sledding fun.

4 Responses to “Back Again (I hope!)”

  1. Jessica says:

    ah, that looks like so much fun! We used to take my mothers big bakery sheets and use them for sleds. Because they were thin and metal – they were fast!
    Good times!

  2. kerri says:

    Our snow is all, all gone. I know it doesn’t sound very sentimental, but I can’t say I’m very sorry. Though we did have some good days of sledding…. But…. Well…. I guess I’m just comfortable with rain…