Beautiful Blogger Award

I was recently awarded the
Beautiful Blogger Award
by my friend Vivian of My Cards & More.

The award comes with the following responsibilities:

1. I must thank the person who bestowed this honor upon me. (Thanks so much, Vivian!)
2. Copy the award and place it on my blog.
3. Link to the bestower’s site.
4. Enumerate seven interesting things about myself. Here they are:

  • If my husband and I had met in high school, we would have been in separate social groups. I was a quiet, geeky girl, and he was one of the popular athletic guys. Thankfully we met in our mid-twenties, and were able to appreciate one another!
  • The concept of time travel fascinates me. Maybe that’s one reason I enjoy historical fiction and stories set in other eras, such as Jane Austen’s books, and those by Georgette Heyer.
  • I always have a few books to read at the same time, so I can grab the book that fits my mood, whether it be a recipe book, book on a health topic, historical fiction, young people’s literature, etc.
  • We don’t have a TV, though we do watch videos on the computer. When the children were little, we didn’t even do that. It was so calm and quiet, and I got to read lots of wonderful books aloud to them!
  • Six of our children were born at home, one naturally in the hospital, and our twin girls were surgically delivered by C-section. I much prefer natural birth to surgical, as the recovery is almost immediate.
  • We have home schooled, private schooled and public schooled our children. Our oldest child was home schooled until he started college at the age of 16, at which time he excelled, and continues to excel. There were good reasons for the other forms of schooling, though, and we found that “one size fits all” isn’t true in education.
  • I detest horror and violence in movies and books. Really, if I’m going to take the time to read a book, I would like a happy ending, if you please. There’s enough sorrow in the real world without wallowing in it in books and media.

5. Nominate seven bloggers that I find beautiful:

  • Mary of Work of the Poet. Mary is a friendly and talented person who hosts a meme called Ruby Tuesday. Once I get my camera situation under control, I’m going to participate. Mary and I enjoy sending post cards to one another.
  • Tamy of 3 Sides of Crazy. The crazy thing about Tamy is how much energy she has. She develops delicious recipes of her own, participates in several memes, and writes about such things as travel, remodeling projects, and elder care.
  • Melanie of New Creation Cottage. Melanie writes conversationally about her day-to-day life, including her travels, and accompanies this with great photos.
  • Madeleine Kane of Mad Kane’s Humor Blog. Mad is super smart, and super funny. She can get me laughing like no one else. If you’re feeling creative, you can join in writing limericks to prompts that she suggests.
  • Laura of It’s Life According to Laura. Laura is one of my daughters, mommy to three young children. Cute photos of the kids adorn her blog, but best of all are the funny accounts of the kids’ antics.
  • Another very talented blogging friend is Barbara of A Day In My Life. Her entire family is musical; she enjoys scrapbooking and displays some of her work in her blog. She is also my friend on Facebook, and almost impossible to beat at spelling games. I do enjoy trying, though!
  • Nancy of Soliloquy has a photography and poetry blog which is mainly about gardening. What can I say but, “Beautiful!”


Thank you all, including Vivian, for being Beautiful Bloggers!


8 Responses to “Beautiful Blogger Award”

  1. Mad Kane says:

    Thanks so much for the nomination. I’m honored! I’m also delighted to be introduced to my sister nominees and I’m looking forward to reading their blogs.

  2. Nancy Bond says:

    Thank you, Joyce! I’m so flattered. 🙂 I’m not sure I can think of 7 interesting things about myself, but I’ll try to respond to this later today. Thanks so much for your visits.

  3. Barbara says:

    Thanks for the award, Joyce, and for the kind words. I will have to think about this and then post on my blog.

  4. Laura says:

    What a wonderful list, Mom! And thanks very much for sending the award my way too. 🙂

  5. Susan B says:

    Hi Joyce,
    Congratulations on your award! I enjoyed reading your list. I always enjoy reading more than one book at a time for the same reason. And I agree with you on #2 and #7…I’ll take a happy ending every time! :o)

  6. Congratulations Joyce, I popped in to get caught up and was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo surprised. Thank you so much. #2,3 and 7 are exactly what I would have said too. I will post this weekend about the award – thanks again.

  7. storyteller says:

    Congratulations on this well-deserved award. I always enjoy learning more about you … and today I find I’m so with you … when it comes to #2, 3, and especially #7.

    I got carried away while sharing ‘tamale-making’ at Sacred Ruminations yesterday afternoon and evening … so this morning I’m hoping to catch up on blog visits before the day actually begins … just a couple of blessings of this retired life 😉
    Hugs and blessings,

  8. Melanie says:

    Thanks so much for the beautiful blogger award, Joyce. I’m so glad you enjoy visiting. I haven’t been able to do anything with it yet. Hope to find some time this week. God bless.