Beware of Micro-Denominations

Just one more helpful quote from Gus Gianello:

1. Be suspicious of ANYONE who claims to have all the answers and can’t work with ANYONE who doesn’t agree with everything.
2. Be suspicious of ANY church/session/presbytery/synod/general assembly that is dominated by one or two men. No matter how competent or how strong our personalities the temptation is very great to just take over.
3. Be suspicious of ANY micro-denomination that can not practice even loosest form of Reformed ecumenism.
4. Be suspicious of ANY micro-denomination built around a unique “insight” on the Westminster Standards. Whether its “all presbyterian churches are unconstitutional but ours—so leave them”, or whether its “refusal to incorporate is the 4th mark of the church” avoid them like the plague.
5. Have NOTHING to do with a denomination that mouths the Standards but whose leaderships’ behaviour is BLATANTLY contrary to it. For instance: minister watching pornography during a GA; ministers standing up in the middle of an official meeting and rebuking everyone for some insignificant slight committed by a few; ministers who can not conduct GAs or Presbyteries with any semblance of decency or order, Sessions that are willing to conduct potentially embarrassing meetings while not in direct session, or secret session/presbytery meetings.


This image is from The Spirit Watch: Myths About Cults, and seems applicable to the subject at hand.

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