Break Time

I have a couple good posts in mind.

For dinner last night I prepared one of the children’s favorite “comfort” meals, a homemade salmon chowder, MINUS the salmon. 🙂 Once I’m home from work I’ll post that recipe with some pictures. The recipe will include the salmon, for those of you who prefer the “whole” recipe. 😛

I had hoped yesterday to do a Give Me Five Monday post, but the hostess of that meme is extra busy these days and didn’t send out a prompt. 🙁

As usual, I also have been staying up too late, and that caught up with me yesterday. Rather than stay up just a little longer to put up a little post, I curled up in bed with a good book (A book review will make a good post in due time.) and went to bed on time for once.

Usually I would do a Ten on Tuesday post, but I’ll be skipping that this week as well, because the prompt is Ten Places I haven’t been yet that I would like to travel. I don’t travel well, so any traveling on my part will be mainly vicarious.

Well, break is about over. I’ll catch ya later.

P.S. – I also took a fun quiz for which I will post the link in another post. This quiz asks you how you pronounce certain words, which is an ongoing source of amusement for some of us. 🙂

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