Busy evening

Hello, Friends,

This has been one busy day, and I am tired. However, the post must be done, or the mail must be delivered, or some such thing, so here it is:

After work today I dashed over to the district office to do some insurance paperwork, came home to grab a quick LATE lunch (homemade coleslaw with a little tuna and French fried onion tidbits on top – yum!), and then took off with Rebecca to shop in Bellingham in preparation for her 16th birthday this Friday. I really wanted to get her presents that fit/that she likes, so Reb really needed to come along. We had a great time together, and managed not only to find a nice hoodie on sale at Aeropostale (one of her favorite stores), but also found another game to add to her/our collection. I’ll tell you what it is once Rebecca and her friends give the game a test drive during the sleepover this Friday.

Speaking of test drives, this is her 16th birthday, you remember, and Rebecca has really been practicing her driving skills in all kinds of weather. So, next on the agenda is taking the written and driving tests in order to acquire the much-anticipated driver’s license. Kayla knows of a good, inexpensive used car that her roommate wants to sell, so maybe we’ll check that out as well. I think Rebecca will be a responsible driver, and I am looking forward to having her help with all of the driving we do here that revolves around school sports:

  • Seth: basketball and baseball
  • Lydia: basketball and soccer
  • Rebecca: soccer and track

When the young people at church have get-togethers, Rebecca could also help with that driving, so that old mom wouldn’t have to go back and forth twice to facilitate that socialization.

After a Costco dinner of hot mochas and a shared chicken Caesar salad (Those salads are huge! – like many of the things at Costco), and just a wee bit more shopping at Wal Mart, Reb and I declared ourselves ready for the birthday party, as far as gifts and candy are concerned, and started home, thankful that the downpour had ceased, and our mission was accomplished.

I want to make sure the kitchen is neat, and then retire to bed with a good book to relax a bit and then sleep. I am so spoiled, I tell ya. The days when I could barely squeeze in all the work necessary to care for my large, busy family are a distant memory. I’m not complaining one little bit, because I loved those days; and don’t regret the work load at all. But now I have more time to simply enjoy my family, play games with them, or, like tonight, go shopping with one daughter. (Note to other daughters reading this: I love going shopping with YOU, too!) What I mean is, Do you realize that, for many years, I ran errands with all nine children in tow, and would take breaks every so often to return to the van to nurse and change the baby? Those were BUSY days.

But, I digress. It is time to wish you all a Good Night!

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