Cali Trip

Here are a few pictures from the recent trip Rick, Rebecca, Lydia and Seth took to California, for your viewing pleasure:

This is the last picture in a series. There were a lot of shots of Rick and helpers assembling the boat trailer. Bringing home the boat was one of the purposes of the trip.

There was lots of time spent playing at various beaches: Shell Beach, Chicken Ranch (two beaches on Tomales Bay), and the ocean beach at Drake’s Bay, Pt. Reyes National Seashore.

Rebecca, Lydia and Seth love Grampa Taron. 🙂

Grampa really enjoys watching the SF Giants ball games.

Reb on the phone, sitting in front of some travel memorabilia in Grampa and Gramma’s livingroom

On Sunday, Rick and kids went to church in San Francisco to the Orthodox Presbyterian Church there. There is a beautiful beach just down this road where one can relax between worship services.

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