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A great water-saving idea!

Wednesday, December 9th, 2009

Thanks to my friend Linda of Simply Living Modestly for letting her readers know about this wonderful product!

Nutrition by Natalie

Friday, February 6th, 2009

In looking around the internet this morning, I came across an interesting website, Nutrition By Natalie. Natalie is a registered dietician who addresses current health concerns. She’s so young-looking that at first I thought she was a high school student who posted a You Tube video of herself talking about nutritional links to ADHD.

Here is Natalie, talking about The Ten Worst Foods. Before you watch this, try to guess what these foods might be. I was surprised by two of them:


Ten Ways You Can Save Money

Tuesday, December 2nd, 2008

The theme this week for Ten on Tuesday isTen Ways You Can Save Money:

  1. Focus on what you already have, rather than cultivating further ‘wants.’
  2. As an aid in contentment, recycle ads and catalogs before you look through them. If you don’t watch TV, you won’t see those ads either.
  3. Maintain your home and your vehicle, to avoid costlier repairs later.

    Oh, and you could carpool to work or use public transit.

  4. Avoid going into debt for items which depreciate in value, such as a vehicle, appliances, furniture, etc. Instead, save money ahead of time to purchase such items.
  5. Cancel subscriptions to any newspapers or magazines you don’t really read. It is possible to keep up with the news online. Your local library subscribes to your favorite magazines, which you can read there.
  6. Check books out from the library, rather than purchasing them.
  7. Prepare your family’s dinners yourself, rather than eating out, or living off convenience foods. If you really get into the groove of saving money, you can look for recipes which provide good nutrition, but use cheaper ingredients. One example of this would be combining plant proteins such as beans and cornmeal, rather than using meat for every dinner.

  8. Bake your own bread. This can be an enjoyable, creative outlet as well, if you have the time.

  9. Buy cheaper shampoos and beauty products.
  10. Purchase necessary items at outlet stores or wholesale when possible. We have a grocers’ supply store, Cash and Carry, which is open to the public where one may purchase herbs and spices, for example, at a third of the price one would pay in the grocery store. I order bulk items such as rolled oats and wheat berries (for grinding into flour) online from a company called Azure Standard.

Give Me Five Cleaning Tips

Monday, June 9th, 2008

The prompt this week for Give Me Five Monday
is: What are five tips or tricks for keeping your house clean and clutter-free? Here are my suggestions:

  • Start out with an uncluttered home. To get to this point, you may need to give away or sell items you never or rarely use. If an item isn’t in your home to begin with, you won’t need to dust it, or feel guilty about NOT dusting it! It won’t be taking up space, so your home will be more spacious.
  • It’s a good idea to think before you buy new items for your home. Do you really need the item, or will it contribute to clutter?
  • Clean as you go. I’m particularly thinking of the kitchen with this suggestion. As you cook, clean up messes and put ingredients away. You won’t be left with a huge mess afterwards. Also, put leftovers away right after the meal, clear the table nicely, and do the dishes.
  • Share the wealth. Each member of the home should contribute to the comfort of the home. Children and adults alike can learn to clean up what they mess up. In our home, we decide together on who will handle certain chores. As school or work schedules change, we rethink the responsibilities. Many hands make light work, right?
  • Choose one day a week to focus on deeper housecleaning. For our family, that day is Saturday. Some chores do require more time, but if you do those on a regular basis, the job remains manageable.

Give Me Five Monday – 5 Tips to Save Money

Monday, June 2nd, 2008

The prompt this week at Give Me Five Monday is “Give me five tips and tricks to save money or cut corners to stretch your budget.”

Five Tips to Save Money (List 1):

  • Make a master list of tried and true meals you know your family enjoys. Of course, change the list whenever you desire, to avoid boredom. Keep the staple items on hand for making these meals, and purchase any fresh items you’ll need for preparing them the week you plan to make them. In this way, you won’t be running to the grocery store every day, and won’t be tempted to buy other things while you’re there!
  • Eat most of your meals at home. If time allows, you can also bake your own breads, cookies and desserts. Restaurant meals are EXPENSIVE, though they are a lovely, once-in-a-while treat.
  • Don’t go window shopping. You are putting yourself in temptation’s way. Only go shopping when you need some specific item. Make a list, and try to stick with it.
  • On a similar note, try to opt out of receiving catalogs. If that’s not possible, simply recycle them. But, whatever you do, DON’T look at them, unless you’re prepared to want something, and eventually to purchase it.
  • MAINTAIN your clothes, your furniture, your home, your vehicles, your appliances, etc. They will last longer, and save you the cost of replacing them too often.

Five Tips to Save Money (List 2):

  • Take advantage of FREE entertainment in your community. Go to the park. Hike and bike local trails. Enjoy hobbies with friends.
  • Before purchasing books, first check them out from the library. Only purchase those of high interest, which you will refer to or reread.
  • Before purchasing a big ticket item, do your research. Avoid expensive impulse buying.
  • Better yet, purchase reliable USED items. We found one of our vehicles on Craig’s List, as well as a “new-to-us” oven to replace our oven which would have cost too much to repair.
  • If you use a credit card, purchase only what you can repay immediately. It is so easy to overspend when using a credit card. If you use one, it’s nice if it offers a rebate of some sort.

Thursday Thirteen

Thursday, May 1st, 2008

This Thursday Thirteen I offer you Thirteen places I shop (or want to shop) online:

Do you want to save some trees?

Wednesday, February 27th, 2008

This is the logo for Catalog Choice. These wonderful folks will do the hard work of contacting the various businesses who send you paper catalogs, and tell them that you no longer want all that paper to go to waste.

Think about it. Do you do more shopping after perusing a paper catalog, OR after searching the online company site? If you’re like me, you search online, and then you shop for a book, music, a comforter, or whatever. If that’s the case, think of all the resources you can save by opting out of receiving catalogs. 🙂

I found out about this program from my online friend, Jennic’s blog post on Needless Paper Waste. (One of her commenters actually suggested this site.)

How many paper catalogs will you opt out of receiving? So far, I’ve started the process to stop receiving 18 catalogs.