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A “Sort Of” Sonnet for This Season

Thursday, September 11th, 2008

Early morning fog cloaks the pastures

Until the sun burns through to azure skies.

Playful breezes tremble vine maple leaves

Orange-hued, edged with brown, amidst the green.


Scents of decaying leaves and caterpillars

Mingle with the fragrance of blackberries;

First frosts sweeten the apples on the trees.

A late harvest: hazelnuts, pumpkins and corn.


Quiet swallows flee, displaced by raucous jays

Shouting their cheery welcome to brisk autumn.

The moon is of changed countenance also,

Benevolent in its big-faced gaze.


These cooler days lead to woodstove evenings,

Punctuated by apple crisp and games.


Kitty ‘Kus

Friday, June 27th, 2008

My husband says the text doesn’t show up properly, so here it is, without the picture:

Happiness, cat-style:
Warm earth, shady spot to nap:
Life is good; relax!

Bonny Boy is the cat-equivalent of a lovable mutt. He is so affectionate and laid back. I have never observed him being rough with anyone, even our two-year old grandson. I wrote a sonnet about Bonny Boy here.

I’m not your kitten;
You are my human, my slave.
Do my will, or else!

Gigi, however, is another story. If I don’t immediately respond to his “Meouw!”, by following him upstairs to the particular food and water bowls which he desires to have refilled, he will bite my leg, or leap up the back of my chair to claw my neck. Being the well-trained cat owner that I am, I quickly do his bidding, or grab him quickly and place him outside before he can hurt me. 😛

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Poetry is in the Air, For Thou Art Fair

Monday, February 11th, 2008

My admiration has continued long,

Though distant first my budding affection;

As you showed kindness, the bonds became strong.

Apart from you I suffer dejection.

Once, fighting and violence marked my days.

Unmitigated hormones led to strife.

The aid you offered helped me change my ways;

I solaced myself with domestic life.

To express one’s love, it is the season;

This Valentine’s Day: Honor you on it.

For hiding my love there is no reason,

So I give to you this humble sonnet.

Nobody else can match your stroke or pat.

Please accept these loving words from your cat.