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Sunday Musings

Sunday, November 9th, 2008

This has been a busy, enjoyable Sunday.

One of the blessings was seeing our pastor and his family again. They were back in church with us after their vacation in Kauai, Hawaii. We missed them, and are thankful for their safe return.

The pastor’s sermon this morning was based on Numbers 20:1-13, the part in the history of the Israelites in the wilderness where Moses struck the rock to bring forth water for the thirsty people, rather than speaking to the rock, as God commanded.

The sermon was entitled ‘The Danger of Anger.’ Moses was frustrated with those grumbling children of God, and let them know it by his display of anger, rather than delivering the gracious message of God’s provision, trusting that the Lord would sanctify His people in His way, in His time.

The pastor applied this to church elders and to parents, who can become frustrated with those under their charge, when they don’t progress as hoped. Those in authority must beware of being motivated by anger or frustration. We all need to remember God’s graciousness to us. We look to Him for forgiveness of sins, remembering what Christ has done for us. We, likewise, are to extend that graciousness to others.

One thing I appreciate about our pastor’s sermons is that they are meant for the entire congregation, including the children and young people. We are a ‘young’ church, with possibly half of our congregation under the age of 18. (Now I will have to make the effort to count and see if that’s correct!) It is, therefore, very important that these young ones benefit from the preaching of God’s Word!

Today also we shared the role of ‘hospitality hosts’ with another family in the church, and had four families over to our home for enjoyable conversation, and a buffet meal (barbequed meatball sandwiches, salad, apple crisp, and date cranberry bars).

In about half an hour we leave for evening worship, where we look forward to hearing a sermon on Romans 14:1-12 entitled ‘A Warning Against Passing Judgment.’

I hope you all are enjoying a blessed Lord’s Day also.

Sunday Musings

Sunday, November 2nd, 2008

This was an unusual Sunday for us.

It all began about 35 years ago, when my husband was greatly blessed by some recorded sermons preached by the Rev. Terence Atkinson. The sound quality was poor in those recordings, but the content was Biblical and helpful to a young Christian.

My husband heard ‘through the grapevine’ that the Rev. Atkinson would be preaching this Sunday, at a church just an hour northwest of us! Having never met him in person, he just had to avail himself of this opportunity.

Into the van we all piled. We crossed the Canadian border without a hassle, and proceeded on our way. But then – I wish one of us had had a camera along – the rain pounded down. There was so much water bouncing off the road that visibility was about like that during a heavy fog. I’m paranoid about hydroplaning, too, so it was a bit of a nerve-wracking trip.

We arrived a wee bit late, but safely, and slipped quietly into the church.

Rev. Atkinson looked to be in his mid-eighties. He was of solemn demeanor, but cheery in conversation later. Yes; the sermon was very good, understandable, Biblical and edifying. I am glad all of us had the opportunity to meet this long-laboring servant of God.

For me, it was encouraging to see a very elderly man so full of fervor for God, not sunken in contemplation of the losses of old age.

For my husband, it was kind of like finally meeting an author or statesman you have admired from afar for many years. A once-in-a-lifetime thing.

Very special.


Sunday Thoughts

Sunday, October 26th, 2008

My daughter Laura (of faithful blogging renown) tells me I should consider resigning from the Blog 365 group. Thinking of things to blog about daily (she tells me – and I know she’s right) does NOT count as actually blogging daily, which is what I said I would try to do when I joined the group. Ah, well. I won’t resign just yet, not today, anyway.

We’re enjoying a quiet Sunday afternoon here. A gentle breeze, so common in the fall around here, is gently ruffling the variegated yellow/green leaves of the birch trees outside my window. The sky is a bright blue. It’s a day of rare beauty, and yet here we remain, quietly, in the house. A couple of our folks are napping before it’s time to return to church in the evening. One daughter is at the dining room table, working on a book of reminiscences that she and her best friend are creating together. I hear grandson Diederick asking his Mommy if he may, “Ea(t), ea(t)!”

I am especially thankful today. I’m thankful for the beautiful day, of course, and thankful for the health to be able to enjoy it. I’m thankful for the dear family in the quiet house, and thankful for another day of life to enjoy their fellowship. For these blessings, and many more, I thank the Lord this Sunday.

I’m thankful for dear grandchildren with whom to interact. Maybe I’m feeling more responsible to make things homey and good for the little ones, and this keeps me from the old blog?

Here, at any rate, are some pics of the cuties, for your enjoyment.

(P.S. – Laura took the pictures. My camera is dead. 🙁 )

Company’s Comin’!

Sunday, August 24th, 2008

If you’ve been stopping by my blog for a while, you know that our married daughter. Laura, and her husband and children live clear across the country from us in Vermont. Tomorrow, they begin a long road trip to the Pacific Northwest. I am so looking forward to seeing them. I have borrowed the following family portrait from Laura’s blog (Thanks, Laura!), so you can have a look at them:

Now here, for your entertainment, is a photo of our crew taken probably in 1989:

In the back row are my mom, me and Rick holding Kayla. In the front row are Philip, Laura, Michael, and Sarah, standing by our 1964 Ford Falcon station wagon, which has three on the tree, as opposed to four on the floor. 🙂 We are standing in front of our current home, so newly built that it was not yet sided, nor had any concrete been laid for the carport or walkways.

Homecoming Time

Sunday, August 17th, 2008

I’m a-travelin’;

I’ve got a destination.

My homecoming time

Up ahead, just ’round the bend;

Lord, I love You: comin’ home.

This tanka poem is a response to the prompt HOMECOMING over at One Single Impression. You are welcome to join in. Won’t you write something to share?

Oops! Almost forgot! Thanks to Geraldine at My Poetic Path for the prompt this week!

A Quick Sunday Post

Sunday, August 10th, 2008

My dear, familiar lap top is on vacation to California, along with most of the family. Actually, Rick is going to be using it to get some work done, in between visiting and helping his folks. I’m not complaining, because I listened to our pastor’s sermon on Numbers 11 very carefully this morning and am trying to apply it to my life. 🙂 However, I must advise you that my posts will not be quite so pretty this week. I can’t publish from Word on this computer; it’s not as simple to include clip art and nice fonts. Maybe I’ll learn some new tricks to combat these handicaps.

I was feeling a little down in the dumps yesterday. It was SO QUIET here! Kayla showed up and – No, it didn’t get noisy! She brought me flowers and some special green tea mints from Trader Joe’s. Here is a picture for your viewing pleasure:

Thank you, Kayla!

Good News From a Far Country

Sunday, August 3rd, 2008

(Ireland is depicted by the green portion, Northern Ireland by the gold above the green.)

Proverbs 25:25, “As cold waters to a thirsty soul, so is good news from a far country.”

Our good news came in the form of two friends from Northern Ireland who are here to visit friends and family and tour the lovely Canadian Rocky Mountains. Together, we enjoyed good food, good conversation, a wedding reception, and finally a tall ship battle re-enactment which we viewed from Boulevard Park in Bellingham, WA.

Here is a cute shot of our friends:

Here is a shot of all four of us:

You have cheered our hearts
With your presence and your words;
What a precious time!

Some Sunday Stuff

Sunday, July 13th, 2008

(I made this graphic using tools available at the site Picnik.)

This has been a beautiful, relaxing Sunday afternoon. It’s a sunny 80 degrees here in the Pacific Northwest, and Rick’s fishpond is looking especially lovely. The water lilies are blooming.

After a simple sandwich lunch (to minimize work for the mama and her helpers), Lydia, Rebecca and Debra were doing some sketching. Here is a photo of Lydia wondering why Dad is taking her picture; she’s only trying to draw, after all:

Rick and Debra also “entertained” our future son-in-law, Justin (pictures of Sarah and Justin coming soon) by reciting almost the entire Westminster Shorter Catechism. That’s 107 questions, folks, from

Question 1: What is the chief end of man?
Answer: Man’s chief end is to glorify God, and to enjoy him for ever.

To Question 107: What doth the conclusion of the Lord’s prayer teach us?
Answer: The conclusion of the Lord’s prayer, [which is, For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, for ever, Amen.] teacheth us, to take our encouragement in prayer from God only, and in our prayers to praise him, ascribing kingdom, power, and glory to him. And, in testimony of our desire, and assurance to be heard, we say, Amen.

Father’s Day

Sunday, June 15th, 2008

As I was doing some reading this afternoon, I came across a great Father’s Day post over at Randy Alcorn’s Eternal Perspectives blog. It is his advice to dads and granddads on being the kind of men God would have them to be to their children and grandchildren. It is a bit long, but well worth the read. Mom’s will like it, too, for the good generic parenting advice.

Freedom in free verse

Sunday, June 1st, 2008

The prompt for writing this week at One Single Impression is FREEDOM:

There are so many freedoms for which I am thankful:

Political freedom, representative government, no martial law.

Freedom of the press, various opinions can be expressed.

Freedom of movement; I have the strength to move and work, to use my senses.

Freedom of healthy relationships within the home, love and care, not oppression.

The freedom I value most is spiritual freedom, the desire and ability to do what’s right, a heart that loves God and loves His people.

But, then I get to thinking:

There are people in this country, in this land of liberty,

Who have no freedom, not even the freedom to live.

These are the unwanted babies,

Who are culled like rotten fruit from the wombs of those who wanted sex, not a baby, by doctors willing to call murder a procedure.

This is a hidden holocaust, not a freedom.