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It’s a GIRL!

Thursday, May 29th, 2008

I have wonderful news! Our daughter Laura and her husband Darren have a new little daughter, born today: Carly Annalise. We are so thankful to the Lord for Carly’s safe arrival. At birth, Carly weighed 6 pounds 12 ounces, and was 19 inches long.

Here’s an interesting comparison. Laura is a twin, and I carried her and her sister Sarah full-term (actually a week or so over). At birth, Laura weighed 6 pounds 5 ounces and was 20 inches long. Her sister weighed 6 pounds 10-1/2 ounces and was 20 ¼ inches long.

Here’s an old photo of our family. I’m holding Laura and Sarah on my lap. Our son Philip is by Rick, and Rick is holding baby Michael.

WANTED: New Hairstyle

Wednesday, May 21st, 2008

Once the weather gets just a bit warmer, I’ll be wearing my hair up all the time. For some reason I get very annoyed by all the hair around my face when “sweaty” weather arrives. My husband suggested that perhaps I might like a different, shorter hairstyle instead.

What do you think? Do any of you have some suggestions for a new hairdo that you think might be pretty and practical? Here you see the current ‘do:

The hair is naturally wavy, not curly. I’m kinda tired of a perm, anyhow. So, send me links to good ideas, or describe what you have in mind for a change of pace over here. Thanks. 🙂

Uh-oh . . . Where’s yesterday’s post?

Wednesday, February 20th, 2008

Sorry I didn’t get a post up yesterday. However, I DO have an excuse.

Our receiver/transmitter for our Clearw’re connection is usually mounted on a pole atop our roof, but . . . our house is busy being reroofed, thus, I lost internet connection JUST as I was ready to post.

The old shingles lasted five years beyond their guaranteed life, but they wouldn’t have held up much longer. In our wet climate the moss is hard to keep off the shingles, and it just eats them up.

Two crews of guys showed up to do the work, with (I think it was) four large trucks. Almost twenty years ago Rick did the entire roof all by himself, in his “spare” time. However, I’m sure thankful he’s not the one laboring up there this time; that is grueling work.

Well, I came in early to work so I could get this little bit of a post done. If the internet connection is restored today, I’ll try to put up some pictures of the reroofing operation. Rick got some good shots of the operation.

Hope you all have a good day.

(Edited at about 6pm: Here are some photos from the re roofing.)


We had Mt. Baker Roofing come to do the work. They came with plenty of trucks and two roofing crews, even bringing their own outhouse as well.


Some of the crew at work.


I want to post a few more photos, but the Internet connection is INCREDIBLY slow just now . . . so, that’s it for now. 😛

An insubstantial statement

Wednesday, February 6th, 2008

It’s still not very late, but this cute clip art expresses my feelings exactly. I am SO tired this evening. I think we’ve all been battling “something”, off-and-on, for a while, plus I think my back misbehaving on Saturday (and continuing to be a bit “iffy”) is taking some extra energy.

Sweetie Kayla called this evening to tell us that the vehicle she was driving was hit from behind today as she was stopping for a pedestrian in a crosswalk. Her car wasn’t badly damaged, she said, but her poor neck is hurting now. That experience left her with the desire to just go home and go to bed, too.

I really do need to get our tax information to the accountant PRONTO, so that our college kiddos can file their FAFSAs on time this year. I was kind of hoping to start that this evening, but, seeing that I am SO tired . . . I think I’ll wait until Friday. I’m taking that day off from work since Kayla is having her wisdom teeth extracted then, and I would like to mother her a bit.

Hmmm . . . Maybe I have enough energy left to decide what I’ll do for Thursday 13 tomorrow.

Friday Haiku, early Saturday morning edition

Saturday, January 19th, 2008

Haiku Friday

Hello dear Friday Haiku friends,

It is 2:30a.m., the wee hours of Saturday, so I hope this Haiku still counts:

Today’s theme: birthday!

Dear Cadetie, Sweet Sixteen

Lots of fun tonight!

Honestly, I had the German Chocolate Cake baked, and thought I would have time to actually do this post on Friday, but . . . Rebecca and about ten of her girlfriends really wanted to go to the movies tonight. We got to the theater in plenty of time for the 7:15p.m. showing of 29 Dresses, but it was sold out. So . . . We occupied ourselves at the mall until the 10:15 showing. Suffice it to say that time elapsed, and the singing of “Happy Birthday to You”, the eating of cake and ice cream, and the opening of multitudes of presents didn’t happen until about 2a.m. I am barely conscious, but quite conscientious about posting, so here you have it. I’ll put up a photo of Reb’s cake, and maybe some of the jolly party attendees tomorrow.

For more Haiku, visit Jennifer over at Playgroups are No Place for Children and Christina at A Mommy Story.

Too much to do

Tuesday, January 8th, 2008

Today was one crazy day.

I worked at the middle school until 1pm, dashed home, said “Hi,” to my husband and warmed up a quick lunch for the two of us. Then it was time to dash off to pick up my elderly mom to go to a couple of appointments in Bellingham, one to see how her Pacemaker is doing (It is doing fine.), and the other to meet her new cardiologist. (He had a good sense of humor. When he asked, “What may I do for you?” my mom started telling him what was wrong with her feet. He listened sympathetically, then took a model of a heart and asked, “You know what this is?” When she answered in the affirmative, he said, “I am only a doctor of the heart. You would be in big trouble if I tried to figure out something about your feet!”).

Next we had to go to Option Care to straighten out a billing misunderstanding between Option Care and my mom’s insurance company. After that we went to another office to sign papers changing her health insurance carrier. Keep in mind that my mom cannot really get into or out of the car on her own, and usually doesn’t even do much walking at her assisted living home. She is going to be one tired old lady tonight, because she got into and out of the car many times this afternoon and evening.

Our final stop was at Taco Bell for dinner. My mom has always enjoyed Mexican food, including the Americanized “Mexican” food served at Taco Bell, so this was a treat, and a necessary stop also, since dinner at Meadow Greens is served at 4:30pm, and it was 6pm by the time we stopped to eat.

I dropped her off at her place, and called home to let my people know my whereabouts. Thankfully the girls had started cooking some dinner for everyone already. I picked Seth up from basketball practice, and finally drove up to the house, just in time to say, “Bye!” to my husband, who was leaving to help our son Michael move into his new place close to the college. Whew!

Kayla was here and knew how to settle me down. She asked, “Shall I make a pot of decaf, Mom?” You know what I answered, and so here I sit, typing my blog post for the day, too tired to do anything else, enjoying that coffee.

Have a good night, y’all.

(P.S. – Yes; we received a little more snow last night, but the roads were fine by this afternoon, so that wasn’t part of the stress of all the errands. I will hope, for the children’s sakes, to report a heavy snowfall soon. What is winter without a few days off from school because of snow? We want it!)

Friday Recap

Friday, January 4th, 2008

Today was a lovely day.

This morning was a rush, as it was my first day back to work at the Middle School since Winter Break. I was so hoping that we would receive a veritable dump of snow so that school would be cancelled and we could continue to enjoy our days, wide open with possibilities, and less full of structure. But, that is spoiled of me. It was great being back at school, dialoguing with students about their math thinking, and giving their thinking little pokes now and again.

After a quick, late lunch at home with Rick, I was off again to pick up Rebecca and Debra from the high school. Reb had an appointment to have the post-wisdom-teeth-removal stitches removed. Debra wanted to be dropped off at the library, which was on the way. Afterwards we three gals enjoyed a rare treat, stopping at Woods Coffee (think local version of Starbucks). My current favorite is a seasonal drink called a Brown Sugar Macchiato. We swung by the school where Lydia was finishing up basketball practice, and brought her and a team mate home. Then I threw together a quick dinner, using the last of the slow cooker barbecued beef to make a Spanish rice dish, topped with shredded Cheddar cheese, sour cream and salsa, with tortilla chips on the side.

A short time after dinner, Rick, Reb and Seth headed off to the high school to cheer on the boys’ basketball team. As they left, Rick said I should try to pre-write about five blog posts to increase my efficiency! Funny guy! I have to have an idea or an inspiration or something funny has to happen or someone in the family has to take photos before I can blog. To oblige him, however, I am sitting here, telling you what I did today, which is NOT AT ALL my usual style.

A short while ago I noticed some headlights shining through the blinds behind me, and, sure enough, it was Kayla coming home for the weekend. I believe this was her first day back to work too after the break. This evening she and her roommates had a sushi party at their place, and then she headed home. Upon her arrival, I took a little break from reading email, reading blogs, and typing this little entry, to make us a pot of decaf. So warm and comforting on a windy, chilly evening! Now I hear cards being shuffled, which I think means that Lydia and Kayla are getting ready to play Skip-Bo. I want to play, too! So, I bid you Adieu! Have a good evening.

A Quick Post

Tuesday, November 27th, 2007

The internet is down at home. Once our youngest son gets home from school, I’ll have him take a look at it to see if we can get it up and running again.

In the mean time, I’m on my lunch break here at the middle school, so want to get at least a little post in to fulfil NaBloPoMo requirements to post EVERY DAY for the month of November. (I joined a bit after the first of the month, so may be disqualified already, but I’m doing what I can.) 🙂

Last night we had our first snow! So beautiful, and it did remain overnight, but, to the children’s disappointment, it wasn’t sufficient to necessitate a snow day. My husband took the camera with him so I have no pictures to post. So sorry.

This morning I overcame my natural antipathy to all things mechanical in order to read the Suzuki Grand Vitara owner’s manual regarding changing the vehicle over to four wheel drive. This was a pleasingly simple operation. I was thankful for four wheel drive on our long driveway and our steep hill, but beyond that it wasn’t necessary. On the way home this afternoon, I won’t need it either. The surrounding foothills still look as if powdered sugar has been sifted down upon them, but the roads are melty.

My break is about over. I’ll hope to do a longer post once I’m home, if we can get the internet connection back.

Thursday, August 2nd, 2007

Poor Connectivity. Boo Hoo :(

Saturday, June 23rd, 2007

I haven’t been able to post in quite some time due to Clear W’re being so unreliable and temperamental. We are on the very outskirts of being able to receive their signal. Also, rainy weather, which is frequent here, seems to interfere with the signal. I find this a source of frustration and disappointment, since we are paying to be connected to the Internet, after all, but so be it. So . . . I will sneak some postings on at some opportune millisecond when Clear W’re is operable. 😛