Company’s Comin’!

If you’ve been stopping by my blog for a while, you know that our married daughter. Laura, and her husband and children live clear across the country from us in Vermont. Tomorrow, they begin a long road trip to the Pacific Northwest. I am so looking forward to seeing them. I have borrowed the following family portrait from Laura’s blog (Thanks, Laura!), so you can have a look at them:

Now here, for your entertainment, is a photo of our crew taken probably in 1989:

In the back row are my mom, me and Rick holding Kayla. In the front row are Philip, Laura, Michael, and Sarah, standing by our 1964 Ford Falcon station wagon, which has three on the tree, as opposed to four on the floor. 🙂 We are standing in front of our current home, so newly built that it was not yet sided, nor had any concrete been laid for the carport or walkways.

2 Responses to “Company’s Comin’!”

  1. lauren says:

    Im sure you are thrilled to soon have them home!