Darren and Deeder are Coming!

Tonight is THE night: Our son-in-law Darren and our almost two-year-old grandson Diederick are arriving from Vermont for a visit. Our daughter Laura is at home with new baby Carly, already missing her guys very much. On her post today, she asked me to post lots of pictures. The guys aren’t here yet, but here is a picture of the sturdy book I picked up today for Diederick. He loves ‘oggies, so I hope he will enjoy this book:

Also, Percy cat stands ready to greet Diederick tomorrow:

Lassie was gentle with Diederick during his last visit, and promises to once again be a hospitable doggie:

Finally, I’m happy to report that we may have lovely weather while our visitors are here. Here are some shots I took early this evening in the back yard:

2 Responses to “Darren and Deeder are Coming!”

  1. Joyce says:

    Poor Darren said they didn’t get in ’til 3am. The boys still got up pretty early. We served them blueberry pancakes, bacon, OJ and coffee (milk for Deeder), topped off with that delicious maple syrup that Darren brought. Now I’m going to post a few pictures from this morning. 🙂