Deeder Explores

Our daughter Laura (mommy of Diederick, our almost-two-years-old grandson) is at home taking care of baby Carly while Darren (daddy) and Deeder are here visiting. She wants lots of pictures of the visit, so here are some from this morning:

Here is Deeder-man taking Auntie Lydia for a walk in the back yard.

“Here, Kitty, Kitty! Diederick wants to see you!”

“Hi, Bonny Boy! I like you!”

Deeder with Auntie Rebecca. 🙂

4 Responses to “Deeder Explores”

  1. Looks like Mr Deeder is having himself a fine time on his vacation to the west coast! I’m pretty sure he can’t wait to move there! 🙂

  2. lauren says:

    How exciting for you all to be able to visit with them! Im sure the new surroundings are providing much enjoyment for lil deeder 🙂 Happy Friday