Deeder Loves Animals

We’re still enjoying a visit from our son-in-law and our little grandson. Diederick “Deeder” is almost two years old, and has already decided that he’s an animal-lovin’ kind of guy. Here are some pics of the little dude in action:

Deeder plopped down by Lassie and pulled her paw into his lap. Lassie puts up with it, but sighs unhappily. She is so gentle with the little boy. 🙂

Lucy is a huge old crotchety cat who won’t let many people touch her, but she LOVES Deeder!

Diederick is acting totally nonchalant here, as if he doesn’t know that he deliberately sat down on Lassie. I wonder if that’s his way of trying to distract or fool her? In any event, she stayed very still while Deeder enjoyed sitting on her. 🙂

Yesterday, Darren took his young son to see some cows and enjoy some locally made ice cream at Edaleen Dairy in Lynden, Washington.

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