Dental Poetry

This is my first limerick written in response to the prompt given at Mad Kane’s Humor Blog. Please play along, if you are so inclined!


The dentist will tell you to floss

But why listen? He’s not your boss.

If you don’t mind decay

You can have it your way;

Your wallet and mouth bear the loss.


Here is my haiku, written to the same prompt:


Maligned profession:

The doctor of dentistry

Sees nervous patients.


7 Responses to “Dental Poetry”

  1. Mad Kane says:

    I enjoyed your verse! Thanks so much for joining in on my latest prompt!

  2. sister AE says:

    well done! I’ve just added my limerick to the list.

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  4. Terry says:

    My teeth are very important to me, so will do my best to take care of them

  5. Brenna says:

    Cute poem! I really enjoy poems with fun rhythm. =)

  6. Larry McD says:

    Good haiku! love these!