Domestic Day

Today was a satisfying day of getting some domestic things done.

First the children and I scrambled to vacuum the house and neaten up since we were expecting visitors at around noon. One daughter cleaned a bathroom (The other two had been recently cleaned.), another neatened up the dining room. I did a quick dusting of the living room and put away the clothes drying rack which is a constant fixture in that room because the wood-burning stove keeps it so cozy in there. (My husband says that next time I do a thankful post I can mention how thankful I am that he keeps that stove going. I am thankful! It’s the most thoroughly comfortable warmth I’ve experienced.) I told the visitors I was thankful they were a little late, since that gave us more time to make the house presentable, and they nicely said they weren’t coming to see the house, anyhow, but us.

In between other things, I kept the washer and drier going, and folded the large items as I unloaded the drier.

I baked six loaves of bread, and since I had some overripe bananas, I also baked a big banana cake. The fresh bread went so well with the homemade split pea soup which simmered on the stove top today. The soup will be even better tomorrow. I’ll put it in the slow cooker, on low, when we leave for church, and by the time we get home it will be thicker and creamier. Yum! Soup is so satisfying during this cold weather.

I gave our youngest son a haircut. Hmmm . . . don’t know if this really counts as domestic. I think it turned out well. 🙂 Maybe I can count this as part of the general cleaning effort today.

I also took the time to play Skip-bo and Blokus with some of the children. They are better strategists than me, but it was still fun.

Now it’s almost Sunday, so I hope our internet connection is working so I can post this.

Have a blessed Lord’s Day.

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