Don’t worry . . .

For those of you who might be thinking that I stand idly at a window waiting for blog-worthy things to happen (See an earlier posting about We Blog Cartoons.), I assure you that I am too busy to do that much standing still. However, I do admit that I am on the look out for interesting things about which to write a little snippet. I find this to be a wholesome creative outlet, one which I hope that you, my few readers, find interesting.

My children do tease me when I say, “Oh, that would make a good blog post!”

One concerned reader also thinks I want to become a “famous blogger” (see the aforementioned cartoons), but I must maintain my innocence. I do care about my little blog, and I do want to be a positive influence in my little sphere of activity, but this does not mean I am lusting for fame. I will admit that I found the cartoon immensely funny. And, that’s that!

3 Responses to “Don’t worry . . .”

  1. Laura says:

    What’s wrong with being famous? Or with going through your day looking for good blog topics!
    I tell ya, it’s the thing of the future…movies will be made out of blogs!
    I think that if I had been blogging back in the school days like I do now I might have done better work in my writing classes 🙂
    Anyway don’t worry about people worrying–your blog rocks!

  2. Joyce says:

    Hi, Sweetie,
    Yes, you have become a good writer, an interesting writer. You have a motive to write, in describing your days with the little boy, and since you write daily, you have lots of practice. That’s a winning combo!
    Mom 🙂

  3. mrs darling says:

    well my word whats it anybodies business what your motives are! That was one funny cartoon I tell ya! You know hte old saying, “Throw a rock in crowd and the dog that got hit will bark.” Maybe that’s why those people barked. Maybe your cartoon hit too close to home for them?