Double Ditch kids


In the Double Ditch pictures I posted earlier, I was expecting the little one wearing the striped hat you see sitting in the sand box, so this is a bit of skip. Sarah is the one running, and Laura is perched on the lid of the sandbox. The older child is Philip, of course. If we estimate that Michael is one year old, that would make Laura and Sarah about 2 1/2 years old, and Philip about 4 years old.


In this picture, taken on the same day as the sandbox shot, we see, I believe, Sarah to the left of baby Kayla in the stroller (who we can’t really see) and Laura to the right of Kayla.


This picture, taken inside the Double Ditch house during the same period of time, is of Laura, Philip and Sarah hugging one another. This is one of my very favorite pictures! Philip was so pleased when the girls grew up enough to be playmates. He was quite unimpressed with the newborn baby girls who obviously did not arrive “ready to play”.

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